Technical Details


DTR and DTL Series


Max 5000 Pcs Per/hour

Filling Products

Toothpaste, cream, cosmetic, chocolate, honey, shampoo, hair cream, gel etc.

Filling weight

Adjustable for different weight

Nozzel Qty

Depends on capacity and weight


6-8 bar


304 - 316 Quality stainless steel

Optional Features

UV lamba, HEPA filtre, Ultrasonic sealing, temperature sealing, different weight, servo fillig, second filling station, sealing with dating etc.

Dizayn Makina designing and producing filling and packaging machines since 1993. Export to more than 100 countries all around the world and we have after selling supports as installation, spare parts, services, internet connection machines etc.


Programming of the machine do by Dizayn Makina professional technical team. When need any support, can connect machines all around the world by internet connection and intervene machines for any problems.

Machines are designs for easy control. Production places of products, easy control is so important. Also after send the machines we support with installation, spare parts and services, after supports are so important also for machines. Toothpaste.

Dizayn Makina also manufacture different type of machines for bottle, jar, premade cup, coffee capsule, honey spoon, labeling and manual machines. Those machines can design for different type of products with different systems. Depends on package type, dimensions and capacities machines design by Dizayn Makina engineers.

Tube Filling and Sealing Machines with Dizayn Makina Technology

Dizayn Makina produce different type of machines in Turkey since 1993. Tube filling and packaging machines are one of model machine which manufactured in Turkey. Machine has linear and rotary models depends on required capacity.

There is stations on machine with different system;

  • Automatic dropping

Tubes put in reservoir by hand and machine takes them automatically from there and put in molds which design special for required packages. Tubes take from reservoir automatically with vacuum system and put in molds one by one then push inside molds with piston. This station is so important for high capacity machines.

  • Filling 

Depends on required weight range, it is adjustable. Also depends on product can be different system, can be double jacket heater or mixer in hopper, also can use servo system. Filling system design is so important for the machine. Toothpaste

  • Tube Turning 

Before sealing station needs to turn correct side, brand should be on front side. With sensor it will turn and pass to the sealing station. we use photocell sensor for turning. Toothpaste.

  • Sealing

Tube sealing with ultrasonic or termosealing system, depends on package material. While sealing, it can be dating. Sealing timings and temperatures are adjustable from screen depends on material type. Also in this station dating can use too, while sealing dating on it with part numbers or any another information.

  • Exit 

After all stations it will go out from mold and can get from exit station.

Toothpaste, cream, chocolate, honey, gel, shampoo, cosmetic type of many product can fill with Tube Filling Machines

Tube filling and sealing machine of Dizayn Makina can fill different type of products depends on requirement. Machine design up to required of package dimension and product.  

With piston filler system can fill toothpaste, gel, cream, shampoo, cosmetic products, honey, chocolate, etc. weight is adjustable. If required can add servo motor system to the piston filler system and can control the weigh from screen for changing.

Our tube filling machine is first provided to automatically take the tubes to be filled at the feeding station, 2nd station is directed to the tube turning station. Tubes are taken horizontally, turned upright by turning and fixed. It is sent to the filling station, which is the 3rd station, and it is filled with the help of nozzles. Our DTL 3 and DTL 4 tube filling models have 3 or 4 nozzles. filling capacity is 4,800 pieces in 1 hour. Toothpaste.

After filling the tubes, they are sent to the closing station, which is the 4th station, and the tubes with open mouth are closed here and sent to the 5th station. The closed tubes are both glued here and there are knurled bonding marks on the glued tube. The filled tubes, all of which are finished, are sent to the exit station, which is the 5th station, and become the end to be packed and sold.

Why Dizayn Makina For Tube Filling and Sealing Machines?

Experience is so important for producing machine. Because as all business there will be unexpected situations and these can solve only with experience. Dizayn Makina as company work in filling and packaging sector since 1993, also export more than 100 countries. This is evidence of Dizayn Makina experience.

We design and manufacture different type of packages and products; bottle, jar, buckets, premade cups, coffee capsules, honey spoon type of packages can fill and packed by us. Also liquid, powder, more solid products can fill by our systems. Toothpaste.

We design the machines depends on your required capacity per/hour, weight, dimensions of package etc. to get offer and more informations please contact with us from our contact page. 

We produce machines with required features

Please tell us capacity, filling product, filling weight and your package type for prepearing correct offer. When you fiil the form on below, please click the button.

We produce machines with required features

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Tube Filling and Sealing Machines Stations

Automatıc Droppıng

ayran kabı

Automatically takes the from reservoir and put in molds


yoğurt kabı

Toothpaste, any type of cream, shampoo, gel, cosmetic, chocolate, honey and any other type of product can fill 

turnıng front sıde

alüminyum kapak

Turning the correct side and always can see the brand front side.


kesme yapıştırma

Sealing for PE and Aliminium type of tubes with ultrasonic and temperature sealing systems.



Dating with sealing, date and product serail numbers.

PLc control


Easy control with plc screen, control of all the machne stations.

Toothpaste, hand cream, cream soap, shampoo, cosmetic products, honey, chocolate